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Bicycling highlights

(more detail to follow)


* went on extended "bike hikes" on a 3-speed in junior high school

* bought my first dérailleur bike in 1968.

* bought my first serious bike (a Fuji Finest) in 1972

* night time excursions to nowhere with Rocky

* first mountain bike 1983

* full-suspension bike 1995

* Klein road bike 1997

* president, Blue Ridge Bike Club 1997-1999

* Hilly Hellacious Hundred 1999

* MS-150 2001 and 2002

* injured Achilles tendon 2003

* electric-assist bike 2014

I was the president of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club 1997-1999. During that time I wrote regular columns in the Club newsletter. Some of those columns have been saved as PDF files here.